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Index files

Some users reported that WinMount takes up too much memory when mount RAR file, our answer is, this issue is not about winmount itself but your improper understanding. When a RAR file is mounted to a virtual drive, WinMount just consumes a little bit memory, but it does consume a little bit more in the case that there is a very large file in the archive, because WinMount need some more memory to create INDEX and CACHE to promote performance.

INDEX file is only created in the first time you use a RAR file. After index process, an index file will be created in the default path. For other supported formats, WinMount never create index for them, so the mounting process will be in an instant. WinMount recommend you to convert RAR files to MOU, because MOU is also a compressed file format and it never need indexed.

Can I delete Index file?

No, you'd better not do that. WinMount need that index file when mount RAR file, if WinMount can't detect the index file, you would wait for index process again for the same files. Please keep the index file.

How to change Index file's saving path?

1) Click "Option -> Options" on WinMount main menu;

2) Pop-up "WinMount Options" dialog, click "Mount setting" tab, click "New Directory" and select a directory . Or click "Set Default" as WinMount recommended.

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