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WinMount Help
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Install and uninstall

1. Install WinMount

Click WinMount_setup.exe, according to the default setting.
Don't setup/update from a RamDisk.

2. Uninstall WinMount

Click "Startmenu -> Programs -> WinMount -> WinMount uninstall"

If you can't delete WinMTExt3.dll, WMCommon.dll after uninstalling, please follow these steps:

1) Click "Run" in startmenu.

2) Input "cmd" in the Run dialog.

Win7 or Vista users: you have to right click cmd.exe and Run as Administrator.

3) Use "cd" command line to WinMount install path. Input "regsvr32 -u WinMTExt3.dll" or "regsvr32 winmtext.dll -u"

"regsvr32 -u WinMTExt3.dll" is used for WinMount 3.x

"regsvr32 winmtext.dll -u" is used for WinMount 2.x

4) Restart your computer and delete the files again.

Or you can download, extract it and click UnistallWinMount.exe

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