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WinMount Help
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Command lines

1. Mount compressed file(s) or folder(s)

Command: winmount -m [file path] [-drv:disk letter or path] [-NoWriteback:] [-attach:]

-drv: mount files to disk or path (Not necessary)
-NoWriteback: read only (Not necessary)
-attach: mount using filter drive. Filter drive meas mounting to an exist path.
[file path] can be quoted with whole path, relative path or default


1) mount compressed file
winmount -m "E:\test.mou" -drv:Z:\abc

2) mount folder
winmount -m "E:\test" -drv:Z:\abc

3) mount muti files or folders (seperate paths with space)
winmount -m "E:\test.mou" "E:\test.rar" "E:\" -drv:Z:\abc

Appropriate for *.mou,*.rar,*.zip or folder

2. Mount CD/DVD file(s)

Command: winmount -m [file path] [-drv:disk] [-NoWriteback:] [-attach:]

Example: winmount -m "E:\test.iso" -drv:Z:\abc

Appropriate for *.iso, *.bin, *.cue, *.ccd, *.mds, *.mdf, *.nrg,, *.img, *.isz, *.ape, *.flac, *.wv
Also appropriate for *.wim, *.wmt

3. Mount muti partition file(s)

Command: winmount -m HDD_file [-drv:disk] [-Part:partition number(0,1...)] [-NoWriteback:]

Introduction: -Part:partion number,0 is the first partition, 1 is the second partition

Example: winmount -m Win2003.vhd -part:2

Appropriate for *.vhd, *.vdi, *.vmdk

4. Mount new blank disk

Command: winmount -drv:X -sectors: disk size

0x400000=2G, 0x200000=1G

Example: winmount -drv:X -sectors:0x400000

5. Quick mount

Command: winmount -M [file path] -attach: -drv:disk

Example: winmount -M E:\test.mou -attach: -drv:E

6. unmount

1) unmount the assigned disk
winmount -unmount:X

2) unmount all disks
winmount -unmountall

7. Compression

Command: winmount -C [file list] [-o:target file]

-o:assign the target file, can be whole path, relative path or default.

Example: winmount -C "E:\test" "E:\test.txt" -o:E:\

Appropriate for *.mou, *.zip, *. 7z

8. Decompression

Command: winmount -E [compressed file list] [-o:target folder]

Example:winmount -E "E:\" "E:\test.mou" -o:E:\

Appropriate for *.mou, *.zip, *.rar, *.7z

9. Smart-extraction

Command: winmount -E [compressed file list] "-s:target folder"

Example: winmount -E "E:\" "E:\test.mou" “-s:E:\test”

10. Convert

Command: winmount -T [compressed file]

Example: winmount -T E:\test.rar

Appropriate for *.rar, *.zip, *.7z

11. WinMount help

Command: winmount -h

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