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Mount virtual disk

WinMount supports mounting RAR, ZIP, MOU, folders, ISO, ISZ, BIN, MDS, MDF, NRG, IMG, CCD, CUE, FLAC, APE, WV, VHD, VDI, VMDK, WMT, Microsoft WIM. The most characteristic feature is virtualizing compressed archives. That is mounting compressed archives to a virtual disk or a virtual folder without decompression, all actions are taken in a virtual path, protect hard disk, save space.

WinMount provides 6 ways to mount.

  1. Using mount window;
  2. Using drag;
  3. Using right-click menu;
  4. Using file association.
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WinMount Free

For 32-bit: EXE | ZIP
For 64-bit: EXE | ZIP

PPC WinMount

For WM2003: CAB
For WM5: CAB