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Mount CUE file

1. Using mount window

Click "Mount" tab on WinMount main window, click "Mount file" on the toolbar, select a CUE file.

Or Click "File -> Mount CD/DVD ROM-> Mount CUE image" on mount window, select a CUE file.

Or right-click on mount window, select "Mount CD/DVD ROM->Mount CUE image", select a CUE file.

2. Drag CUE file to mount window directly

3. Using right-click menu

Right-click a CUE file, select "Mount to new drive" ( Following picture takes mou for example )

4. Using file association

1) Click "Option -> Options" on WinMount main menu;

2) Pop-up "WinMount options" dialog, click "General" tab, tick"CUE". Double-click CUE file and mount directly.

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